Ye Bi 毕晔


Address: Litton-Reaves Hall, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061

I am a Ph.D. student from Dr. Gota Morota ‘s group in the School of Animal Sciences at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

My research interests focus on incorporating statistics, machine learning, and bioinformatics into the study of animal and plant genetics in the omics era.

I am also interested in the application of computer vision systems for high-throughput phenotyping in precision agriculture.


May 16, 2023 Oral Presentation. Depth video data-enabled predictions of longitudinal dairy cow body weight using thresholding and Mask R-CNN algorithms. School of Animal Sciences Research Day. Slides.
May 3, 2023 Oral Presentation. Diversity for Global Society Presentation. Engaging in Anti-Asian-Hate on Virginia Tech Campus. Slides. Interesting class.
Mar 16, 2023 Poster Presentation. Depth video data enabled prediction of dairy cow body weight. Virginia Tech Center for Advanced Innovation in Agriculture (CAIA) Big Event.
Feb 28, 2023 Guest Lecture ALS 3104 Animal Breeding and Genetics – Statistical Concepts in Quantitative Genetics

Selected Publications

  1. An atlas of regulatory elements in chicken: A resource for chicken genetics and genomics
    Zhangyuan Pan, Ying Wang, Mingshan Wang, Yuzhe Wang, Xiaoning Zhu, Shenwen Gu, Conghao Zhong, Liqi An, Mingzhu Shan, Joana Damas, and 15 more authors
    Science Advances 2023
  2. Automated acquisition of top-view dairy cow depth image data using an RGB-D sensor camera
    Robert Kadlec, Sam Indest, Kayla Castro, Shayan Waqar, Leticia M Campos, Sabrina T Amorim, Ye Bi, Mark D Hanigan, and Gota Morota
    Translational Animal Science 2023
  3. Multi-environment analysis enhances genomic prediction accuracy of agronomic traits in sesame
    Idan Sabag, Ye Bi, Zvi Peleg, and Gota Morota
    Frontiers in Genetics 2023
  4. Evaluating metabolic and genomic data for predicting grain traits under high night temperature stress in rice
    Ye Bi, Rafael Massahiro Yassue, Puneet Paul, Balpreet Kaur Dhatt, Jaspreet Sandhu, Thi Phuc Do, Harkamal Walia, Toshihiro Obata, and Gota Morota
    G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 2023